Crowley Montessori Academy

Welcome to the new public Montessori School in Crowley, TX

Karis is buzzing with excitement as it prepares to welcome the newest addition to the neighborhood: Crowley Montessori Academy, a permanent campus for the only public Montessori elementary school in Crowley ISD.

Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting new elementary school in Karis, which will be opening its doors this Fall 2024 semester.

What makes Crowley Montessori Academy special?

In 2020, Crowley ISD announced the big news, shifting its attention to meet the increasing demand for Montessori education, laying the groundwork for what is now a cutting-edge, $33.3 million campus set to open its doors in fall 2024. Welcoming students from kindergarten through fifth grade, this state-of-the-art facility is open to all Crowley ISD district students via application.

In fact, this is the only public Montessori school within the district and one of fewer than 50 statewide. In the DFW area, there are less than 20 public Montessori campuses, making this a truly distinctive offering for families within our close-knit community.

Crowley Montessori Academy

What to Look Forward to with Crowley Montessori Academy

With its amazing facilities and Montessori curriculum, Crowley Montessori Academy is poised to lay the groundwork for success for every student. From collaborative learning spaces to specialized Montessori-certified teachers, every aspect of the academy is meticulously designed to nurture students to reach their fullest potential.

Key features of the new school include:

  • Montessori method of teaching, promoting individualized and small-group learning
  • Collaborative learning and study spaces throughout the campus
  • Indoor amphitheater for presentations and group learning
  • Immersive outdoor labyrinth for creative play and social and emotional health
  • Fully accessible playground
  • Emphasis on natural lighting in all classrooms
  • Open spaces and tables in classrooms instead of desks, fostering hands-on exploration
  • Montessori-certified teachers, surpassing standard teaching credentialization
  • Select classrooms featuring Spanish dual-language programs

The opening of this new campus within the city of Crowley is also unique. Anthony Kirchner, Chief Communications Officer at Crowley ISD, expressed his enthusiasm for the new campus's location within Karis' new home community. "We are a fast-growing school district with more families choosing Crowley ISD because of specialized learning opportunities like Montessori education,” Kirchner said. “Moving this in-demand program to a new school building in the beautiful Karis community is making it possible for more students to thrive.”

The academy is central to the Karis master plan and benefits from the community's thoughtfully designed network of sidewalks and trails, ensuring convenient access for students who choose to walk or bike to school.

Karis roundabout

A Campus as Thoughtfully Designed as the Community

Founding Principal Veronica Delgado and her dedicated team conducted a comprehensive year-long process to meticulously craft the school’s architectural design proposal, showcasing their unwavering commitment to securing approval from the Texas Education Agency.

This involved thorough research and collaboration with the district's architect conducting multiple field trips to various Montessori campuses to gain insights into the unique design requirements. Additionally, close coordination with the Karis development team ensured that the school seamlessly integrated into the neighborhood's community plan.

“What I love about Montessori is that a teacher can see each individual child uniquely and really bring about their own special gifts and strengths,” said Principal Veronica Delgado. “Really, Montessori is preparing a child for life and not just thinking about this one year.”

Facilities at the school will be anything but ordinary. Featuring 22 classrooms with plenty of open space and tables, the school is designed to cater to a maximum of 484 children, spanning from age 3 through fifth grade. A second phase has been incorporated into the design, allowing for the addition of 10 to 12 more classrooms to accommodate another 220 to 260 students.

Student at Crowley Montessori Academy

Crowley Montessori Academy Timeline

The journey began in 2020 when Crowley ISD Montessori classes first launched in the district. By August 2022, the academy started enrolling students, initially housed within a wing at Mary Harris Elementary School, with 163 students enrolled for the 2022 - 2023 school year.

Fast forward to 2024, and the academy will reach a significant milestone with the grand opening of a brand-new campus in Karis. Photos of the new campus will be available soon.

How do you Enroll your Child into the Crowley Montessori Academy?

Principal Delgado invites families interested in enrolling their child to attend informational evenings and tours, where they can explore the classrooms firsthand before submitting an application for enrollment. For more information, visit the Crowley ISD website.

Young Karis residents are not zoned to Crowley Montessori Academy by default; however, parents in Karis interested in Montessori education for their child at a short walk or bike ride from home can apply for enrollment.

What is The Montessori Method?

The Montessori Method is a unique form of early education that emphasizes child-led learning and discovery that “fosters rigorous, self-motivated growth for children and adolescents in all areas of their development.” This method is inherently student-led and self-paced while being enriched and guided by certified, trained teachers and peers.

According to the American Montessori Society, the five core principles of the Montessori method are:

  1. Trained Montessori teachers: Teachers are specially trained to guide and facilitate the child-led learning process, rather than direct instruction.
  2. Multi-Age classrooms: Classrooms have children of different ages, allowing for peer learning and mentorship.
  3. Using Montessori materials: The classrooms are equipped with specialized hands-on learning materials designed to foster independence and exploration.
  4. Child-directed work: Children are given the freedom to choose their own activities and work at their own pace within a prepared environment.
  5. Uninterrupted work periods: Children are given extended periods of time to engage in self-directed activities without interruption.

The Montessori method aims to nurture the whole child - cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development - by allowing children to learn through their natural interests and activities in a carefully prepared environment. Once open, Crowley Montessori Academy will offer a unique educational experience that prioritizes individualized learning, making it a standout choice for families seeking a truly exceptional school for their elementary-aged children.

Tracing the Roots of the Montessori Method

The Montessori Method originated from the pioneering work of Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician and educator, in the early 20th century. Dr. Montessori developed her approach while working with children with special needs in Rome. Through her observations and experiments, she formulated a unique educational philosophy centered on the belief that children possess an innate desire to learn and explore their environment.

Dr. Montessori emphasized the importance of creating a prepared environment that fosters independence, freedom of choice, and hands-on learning experiences. Her method emphasizes self-directed activity, collaborative learning, and the use of specially designed educational materials.

The Montessori Method has since evolved and expanded worldwide, influencing educational practices in diverse settings, from preschools to high schools. Today, Montessori schools adhere to Dr. Montessori's principles while adapting to the needs of contemporary society and integrating modern technology.

young student presenting a project to her peers

New Homes Near Crowley Montessori Academy

Karis, a new home community south of Fort Worth, features 2,025 homesites from award-winning builders and is the perfect place for parents excited about what the Montessori Method can do for their children.

Karis' community amenities, including parks, nature trails, and planned lifestyle center are seamlessly integrated into the Montessori school's mission, promoting an active and healthy lifestyle for both students and families alike. If you're eager to live near your child's ideal school, begin your search for a new home right here.

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