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Places to Grow Your Roots & Stretch Your Wings

Whether taking the time to enjoy a cup of coffee on the front porch, an impromptu meal with dear friends or playing a pick-up game with the kids on a sunny afternoon, residents breathe a little easier here. Karis, by design, brings people together and strives to allow them to slow down and savor life, friendship, and time. Children will be able to bike to school on wider sidewalks, all ages enjoy Karis' parks or stroll its natural beauty along the creek, then perhaps relax on a nearby bench in the shade of a tree. Community events will invite neighbors to explore new hobbies, share laughs and make time for connecting with others.

Living at Karis

An active, healthy lifestyle is at the core of Karis – a place where people fill their souls with laughter, where neighbors enjoy each other, breathe easier and celebrate life’s moments together.

  • Lifestyle Center (Fall 2024)
  • Signature & Pocket Parks
  • Linear Park
  • Elementary School (Fall 2024)
  • Trail Connectivity into Crowley Trails
riding a bike on a trail
yoga class outdoors with neighbors
afternoon tennis

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