Great Things are Happening in the Crowley ISD

The road to curiosity is paved for the young residents of Karis at schools zoned to Crowley ISD. As one of the most diverse districts in Tarrant County, Texas, Crowley ISD serves more than 16,000 students with 25 different campuses. There are 15 elementary schools, four middle schools, two ninth-grade schools, two high schools, an alternative learning center, and a career and technology center.

Setting Crowley ISD apart is its educational focus on academics, arts, and athletics, using real-world applications to help set your child up for success. Crowley ISD has some innovative programs, including the following:

  • STEM Plus

  • ROTC

  • Career/Tech and culinary extracurriculars

Crowley ISD schools for the children of Karis are S.H. Crowley Elementary School, Richard J. Allie Middle School, Crowley High School, and Bill R. Johnson Career and Technical Education Center. Soon, Crowley Montessori Academy will be on-site in Karis zoned to Crowley ISD, which is excellent news if you are new to Karis.

Where is Crowley, TX?

Located in DFW in Northeast Texas, Crowley is only 20 minutes south of Fort Worth and 15 minutes northwest of Burleson, TX. Crowley, TX, is part of two counties. Primarily in southern Tarrant County, with a small portion that extends south into Johnson County.

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Is Crowley ISD a Good School District?

In recent State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) Tests, Crowley ISD saw significant academic improvement with a B rating. This new rating brought them up from the previous two testing session. Superintendent Dr. Michael D. McFarland has been instrumental in the transformation of Crowley ISD since joining this district in 2017.

Without the dedication of educators, parents, and especially students, there would be no improvement in the ratings. Adding to the excitement, all of the schools in this district met or exceeded state standards for the first time in nine years. They are not stopping here.

Vision 2025 is Crowley ISD’s five-year strategic plan. They developed it with input from students, parents, educators, members of the community, and a design team with more than 30 district stakeholders. The three district goals of the strategic plan are to have thriving students, an engaged community, and an empowered staff.

This plan is to ensure all students in or graduating from Crowley ISD are equipped with social, emotional, and academic skills to help them thrive no matter their post-secondary path. The Vision 2025 plan also embodies the district’s cornerstone of equity and excellence in education.

Children working in class in Crowley ISD

New Crowley Sports Complex

The brand-new sports complex that will serve Crowley High School and North Crowley High School is scheduled for completion by the fall of 2022; however, check with Crowley ISD for updates about the project. This new complex has been in the works since voters approved of the bond package back in 2007.

With the completion of the new CISD Sports Complex, playoff games and other outside entertainment can use the complex for extra revenue for the Crowley ISD.

The current football stadium will continue being used for football and soccer practice as well as for sub-varsity competitions. The use of home campus facilities will continue for track and field training.

More Crowley ISD Upgrade Approvals

The CSID Sports Complex isn’t the only new project for the growing Crowley ISD. The following are some of the approved upgrades:

  • Expansion of the Crowley High School locker rooms for football, baseball, and soccer athletes
  • The addition of video boards to the Crowley High School basketball gym
  • Construction of larger band halls for Crowley High School
  • Construction of new indoor practice facilities at Crowley High School to create a safe, dry place for the band and all athletic programs to train when the weather inevitably turns cold and wet
  • A 3,000-square-foot community groom for hosting large events on the second floor

These are only a small part of the long list of athletic and fine arts facility upgrades but check with Crowley ISD for how these projects are progressing.

Celebrate the Points of Pride for Crowley ISD Students

With 25 campuses in Crowley ISD, keeping up with all the “Points of Pride” can be difficult. The success of students isn’t solely with academic achievement. Their achievements span into arts, athletics, and real-world applications. To stay up-to-date with everything good happening with Crowley ISD, check out the social media for the school your child attends or will be attending.

Montessori Education

Crowley ISD also offers Montessori education for young students on several campuses. For more than a century, the Montessori educational approach has nurtured and grown children’s cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development through hands-on independent learning that involves child-led activities. You can expect from this early childhood model that kids are encouraged to take ownership of their education and explore and discover as they show grace, courtesy, and respect to others. Through the encouragement of self-directed learning with the fostering of social-emotional and intellectual growth, Montessori education promotes the following:

  • Critical thinking
  • Self-confidence
  • Independent thought and action
  • Conflict resolution
Children in hallway Crowley ISD

Discover more about the Crowley ISD schools zoned to Karis residents below.

Karis On-Site Elementary School

On track to open in the Fall of 2024, Karis will have an on-site elementary school, the permanent campus of the Crowley Montessori Academy.

S.H. Crowley Elementary School

Address: 10525 McCart Avenue, Crowley, TX 76036
Phone Number: 817-297-5960
Mascot: Coyotes
School Colors: Red and White
Distance from Karis: 6 minutes

Children from pre-kindergarten through 5th grade grow and thrive in the supportive and nurturing environment at S.H. Crowley Elementary School. The teachers here have an average of 9 years of teaching experience.

You can enroll qualifying four-year-old students in full-day pre-kindergarten. They have a sliding fee tuition scale providing equitable access to families of differing income levels. The STEM Plus program is an exciting aspect for these Crowley elementary school students. This focuses on these young students learning through applications of cultural relevance, communication skills, engineering design processes, and collaboration to enhance their 21st-century skills. The creative hands-on activities introduce and allow Pre-K through 2nd-grade students to explore STEM and STEM careers. Those students in 3rd through 5th grades actively engage in student-centered learning to help identify projects they are passionate about.

Visitors and volunteers are always welcome to support students’ educational endeavors. This additional support helps to establish an environment for students where they can build relationships, foster their academic excellence and develop a lifelong love of learning that will help them in their future schools.

S.H. Crowley Elementary School near Karis

Richard J. Allie Middle School

Address: 1033 McCart Avenue, Crowley, TX 76036
Phone Number: 817-297-5394
Mascot: Ram
School Colors: Green and White
Distance from Karis: 6 minutes

Richard J. Allie Middle School teaches students in grades 6th through 8th, and the average experience the teachers have here is 8 years of teaching. Not only will you find Pre-Advanced Placement courses offered here, but this Crowley middle school also offers advanced courses in all core subject areas. The advanced academics offered are to challenge students to meet their fullest potential.

One of the best things about living in Karis within Crowley is that every middle school student at Richard J. Allie Middle School takes the PSAT at no cost when they are in 8th grade. After the results come in, your student learns to set up a College Board account providing students with individualized online instruction based on their performance on the PSATs.

Richard J. Allie Middle School near Karis

Crowley Ninth Grade Campus

Address: 1016 Highway 1187, Crowley, TX 76036
Phone Number: 817-297-5845
Mascot: Eagle
School Colors: Purple and White
Distance from Karis: 4 minutes

Crowley Ninth Grade Campus has teachers with an average experience of 9 years teaching 9th graders in Crowley. For many students starting the 9th grade, success begins at the Freshman Summer Academy, where they have the opportunities to:

  • Learn skills for success in high school and beyond
  • Build relationships with their future teachers and peers
  • Take an off-campus field trip
  • Enjoy computer lab game time and exercise in the gyms

This school aims to grow students academically, socially, and emotionally and is based on the fundamentals of the growth mindset. Student data profiles, interactive lessons, and consistent feedback help the Crowley Ninth Grade Campus ensure that the school is meeting students’ needs at every learning level. The school has the goal of helping students achieve their full potential by exposing them to career experience. They expose students through teaching, field trips, and guest lectures from industry personnel.

Crowley Ninth Grade Campus Near Karis

Crowley High School

Address: 100 W Main Street, Crowley, TX 76036
Phone Number: 817-297-5810
Mascot: Eagle
School Colors: Purple and White
Distance from Karis: 3 minutes

The variety of academic and extracurricular offerings for 10th through 12th-grade students at Crowley High School provides a leg up to post-secondary readiness. Here they offer Advanced Placement (AP) and dual credit college courses all the way to University Interscholastic League (UIL) athletics and fine arts programs. Through this, there are so many academic and extracurriculars for students to explore.

Elevating the excellence at Crowley High School is the Destination Diploma program that aims to help students not only meet the requirements for graduation but also help them achieve post-secondary readiness. Further supporting student success are the graduation coach and family engagement specialists.

At Crowley High School, outside organizations, including Girls Inc., TCU Advise, and Communities in Schools, there is a focus on the complete scholar with these partnerships. These outside organizations offer students post-secondary and emotional support.

Crowley High School Near Karis

Bill R. Johnson Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center

Address: 1900 Longhorn Trail, Crowley, TX 76036
Phone Number: 817-297-3018
Distance from Karis: 6 minutes

Suppose your high school student is looking for the opportunity to learn career skills from industry professionals. In that case, the Bill R. Johnson Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center is the place for them. They named this 210,00 square-foot campus in honor of the life and legacy of the late Dr. Bill R. Johnson, who was an outstanding leader and educator.

There are 30 programs that students in 9th through 12 grades can study. Students in these programs receive classroom instruction, find internships, find job-shadowing opportunities, and earn industry certifications. There are even dual credit courses. Here is a list of some of the programs available:

  • Applied Agricultural Engineering
  • Architectural Design
  • Arts, Audio-Video Technology and Communications
  • Accounting and Financial Services
  • Education and Training
  • Law and Public Service
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
  • Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Information Technology
  • Health Science
  • And More!

Students from Crowley High School get the opportunity to meet students from Crowley Collegiate Academy and Global Prep Academy while attending the Bill R. Johnson CTE Center.

Bill R. Johnson Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center near Karis

Crowley Collegiate Academy

Address: 1900 Longhorn Trail, Crowley, TX 76036
Phone Number: 817-297-3018
Distance from Karis: 7 minutes

Housed in a separate wing of the Bill R. Johnson Career & Technology Education Center, Crowley Collegiate Academy (CCA) gives students in grades 9th-12th a pathway from high school to college using a school within a school model. The CCA works in partnership with Tarrant County College so these students can simultaneously earn their high school diploma and an associate degree with tuition and textbooks provided at no cost.

So, students have the opportunity to save between $35,000-$75,000 toward a bachelor’s degree by earning an associate degree in high school. (These numbers are based on Texas in-state tuition and fees of four-year universities.) The students who graduate from CCA have a leg up in obtaining entrance to and having success in a four-year college or the workplace.

Crowley Collegiate Academy near Karis

Come on By to Discover Small-Town Texas Living, On a Big Scale

You are just minutes from downtown Crowley, Burleson, and a short drive to Fort Worth, here in Karis. Karis is a 565-acre new home community nestled in Crowley, Texas, combining easy small-town Texas living and big city convenience. In Karis, in addition to these Crowley ISD schools, you are near the renovated Crowley Main Street boulevard, Crowley Recreation Center, beautiful city parks, and nature trails.

With everything so close, Karis residents have it all, including easy access to employment, restaurants, entertainment, and retail. Our community is designed to calm traffic and create walkways that invite residents to stop and engage, opportunities to appreciate nature, and foster front yard and common green space living. Here, roots and wings grow.

Why not explore new homes for sale in Crowley, Texas, in a resilient community built for the generation? Reach out to us directly or browse our new home buyer guides to learn more about the DFW-area award-winning builders designing beautiful homes in Karis.

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