Is Crowley, TX, A Good Place to Live?

Ranked as one of the fastest-growing cities in the nation, Crowley still has a suburban feel. This suburban feel is excellent for families looking for more space than the more densely packed Dallas or Fort Worth. However, that doesn’t mean Crowley lacks employment opportunities with major employers or lacks big city amenities.

Are you wondering, “is Crowley going to continue growing”? The answer is yes. Being ranked as a fast-growing city doesn’t mean the City of Crowley is taking that in stride. The population has already reached over 18,000 residents. About five years ago, the Crowley population was over 15,000. The City of Crowley has big plans for Crowley and its residents. There’s a reason that people are flocking here.

Is Crowley, TX, a Suburb of Fort Worth, TX?

Fort Worth is the fifth-largest city in the state of Texas and the fifteenth-largest city in the country. It is also the county seat of Tarrant County. In the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area,Fort Worth is the second-largest city. With the close proximity of Crowley to Fort Worth, it is considered a suburb of Fort Worth.

Crowley TX Suburb of Fort Worth

How Far is Crowley From Dallas?

If you’re worried that trips to Dallas might be too far, you don’t have to. Crowley is about 45 miles southwest of Dallas, making it easy for day trips or the perfect weekend getaway. What you can’t find in Fort Worth, you can easily find in Dallas, as Dallas is the third-largest city in Texas and the ninth-largest city in the U.S.

Longhorn in field near Crowley TX

Where is Crowley, TX?

Crowley, TX, is 15 miles (or 20 minutes) south of downtown Fort Worth and minutes from Burleson, TX. The city is located mainly in Tarrant County and has the 76036 zip code. But Crowley is so much more than its geographical location.

Residents of Crowley are close to everything that a big town has to offer while maintaining its small-town charm. Here residents are only a short drive from amazing shopping, delicious restaurants, a lively cultural scene, serene outdoor recreation and trails, outstanding health care, thriving employment, and more!

Family Living in Crowley Texas

What is Crowley, TX, Known For?

With its humble start as Deer Creek around 1848, when settled by pioneers, the early settlers began farming. Later, the settlement moved when the railroad moved in, and they built the first depot in 1885. They named the City of Crowley for S.H. Crowley, who was once the master of transportation.

In 1952, they officially incorporated the City of Crowley with an elected government. About 20 years later, the Crowley Area Chamber of Commerce was founded and is still serving the city’s residents and visitors today. When the Chisholm Trail Parkway opened in 2014 as a 27.6-mile toll road from downtown Fort Worth to Cleburne, it was constructed in collaboration between many agencies and cities that the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) now operates.

This history is still alive in Crowley today. Now there is so much to do in Crowley and nearby cities. For those looking for things to do in Crowley, there is shopping and dining at the newly renovated Crowley Main Street boulevard, beautiful city parks (like Bicentennial Park), nature trails, lakes (like Benbrook Lake), and more. It’s easy to hop next door to Burleson, TX, for even more to do close to home.

With the Crowley Comprehensive Plan 2045 that the City Council approved in June 2020, new history is being created for Crowley. The plan is to renovate the city by incorporating public engagement, economic development, nature, parks, and walkable thoroughfares. This innovation has already begun!

Pros and Cons of Living in Crowley?

As with any area you choose to move to, it’s safe to say that there are pros and cons everywhere. Below are the pros and cons for you to consider.

Pros of Living in Crowley, TX

  • Population- Crowley has the charm of a small town. Here, you get the benefits of a small town with everything that cities have to offer right down the road. These benefits haven’t changed even with the explosive growth and steady amount of new residents over the past five years.
  • Cost of Living- Living costs are lower here than the national average. This lower cost of living combines with housing costs, utilities, groceries, health care, transportation, and more.
  • Job Availability- New jobs are coming to Crowley all the time, especially with the Crowley Comprehensive Plan 2045 underway. The City of Crowley is committed to attracting, growing, and retaining more businesses, which offers a competitive climate for new businesses moving to or opening in Crowley.
  • Age of Population- The average age of the Crowley population is 33, which means that the city has more adults in their 20s and 30s. The average family size here is 3.6 people, which is parents and children together.
  • Schools- Parents breathe easy with the open-enrollment Crowley ISD, especially with high school graduation and attainment rates higher than the state average. The Crowley ISD focuses on academics, arts, athletics, and real-world application of subjects.
  • Walkability- There are many places that are easy to get to by foot, depending on where you live in Crowley. The Crowley Comprehensive Plan 2045 vision wants to add more walkability to Crowley.

Cons of Living in Crowley, TX

  • Population- While Crowley is still growing, the current population is only around 18,000. The size may be too small for many people.
  • Cost of Living- The cost of living is currently rising everywhere with inflation; however, Crowley is still more affordable than many cities in Texas.
  • Job Availability- Many Crowley residents still make the short drive to Fort Worth for employment. One reason for this is job availability, and another reason is that many residents moving to Crowley are already employed in Fort Worth. However, more businesses are coming to Crowley.
  • Age of Population- For older adults looking to move to a new place, a younger population may make connecting with people the same age or stage of life more challenging. The average family size in Crowley is lower than the national average.
  • Schools- Although overcrowding in schools with the growing population could be a concern, a new on-site elementary school is coming to the master-planned community Karis in the fall of 2024.
  • Walkability- In Crowley, there are many places that you can only get to by car. If you are looking for entertainment at a concert or a sporting event, you’ll have to depend on car travel to do so.

While these aren’t all of the pros and cons of living in Crowley, it’s a great place to start deciding why Crowley is the place for you. Crowley is going to continue growing and making city improvements. Residents will continue having the small-town benefits while being near a major city.

So, Why Choose Crowley, TX, as a Place to Live?

With the Crowley Comprehensive Plan 2045 vision well underway, so much good stuff is coming for the city and its residents. Crowley already has a park system, including Bicentennial Park, and a sports complex drawing people to the city. The downtown makeover of Crowley Main Street boulevard was only the beginning.

The downtown plaza will begin soon. The plan is to make something more intimate with a makeover that makes it a place where people want to visit, sit down, and stay awhile. This plan includes adding more trees and landscaping.

The main goal of the Crowley Comprehensive Plan 2045 is to provide local capital with opportunities to invest in the community in a way that promotes a sense of place for residents. With the region’s growth, the Crowley community is uniquely able to capitalize on this with the plan.

Master-planned community Karis is proud to be part of that plan to build additional residences near green space and trails to Develop Naturally as part of the City of Crowley’s 2045 vision. These changes are only the beginning of all the excellent additions that will make Crowley even more liveable than it already is.

What is Crowley Close To?

While some think of small towns as places in the middle of nowhere, Crowley is close to so many places it’s easy to forget Crowley’s size. Residents here aren’t lacking anything.

Cities Near Crowley, TX

Residents of Crowley don’t have to worry about missing out on going to sporting events, concerts, theme parks, museums, shopping, and other entertainment, with major cities a short drive away.

  • Burleson: 12-minute drive to Crowley
  • Dallas: 48-minute drive to Crowley
  • Fort Worth: 21-minute drive to Crowley
  • Arlington: 35-minute drive to Crowley
Cities close to Crowley, Texas

Interstates Near Crowley, TX

Crowley isn’t one of those small towns that are hard to drive to and from. When it comes to road transportation, there are many interstates close to Crowley to help you quickly get where you want to go.

  • Interstate 81/35: A U.S. Highway that starts at an interchange with Interstate 35W in northern Fort Worth. Interstate 35W is about a mile east of Crowley’s city limits.
  • Interstate 820/20: A loop of Interstate 20 in Fort Worth that goes around the city and some Fort Worth suburbs.
  • Interstate 30: Stretches from Interstate 20 west of Fort Worth, going northeast to Dallas.
  • Interstate 287: Starts in Port Arthur on the Gulf Coast and continues north through Fort Worth.
  • Chisholm Trail Parkway: This parkway is a toll road that goes from downtown Fort Worth, south to Cleburne which is less than three miles from Crowley.
Interstate near Crowley, Texas

Airports Near Crowley, TX

There isn’t a large airport in Crowley, but that doesn’t make air travel feel impossible. Traveling by air is a breeze from Crowley, with two large airports nearby.

  • DFW International: 41-minute drive from Crowley
  • Dallas Love Field: 55-minute drive from Crowley

While these aren’t all the cities, roads, and airports near Crowley, they are the most popular ones. Crowley is in a great location in North Texas that puts you near everything.

Airport near Crowley, Texas

Make Crowley, TX, Your Home When You Move to Karis

Now that you’ve weighed your options for moving to Crowley, TX, it’s time to find your new home in Karis. The community will feature 2,025 homesites from DFW-area award-winning builders, open spaces, parks, and a trail system with over 3 miles of sidewalks and nature trails. Even the design of Karis roadways is to calm traffic while inviting residents to stop and engage, to appreciate nature, and to foster a front yard community with common green space living as they walk, jog, run, bike, and ride through the community.

Here you’re minutes from downtown Crowley with the renovated Crowley Main Street boulevard and the Crowley Recreation Center. Make your dream of living in Crowley a reality when you contact our builders, who offer a stunning array of home styles and versatile floor plans for your lifestyle.

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